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Our Advantage
Biohealth Labs provides many services that will put you on the path to success.  Our Sales and Marketing Team will provide you the information you need to capitalize on the worldwide growth in Human Nutrition.  Working with our Research & Development Team, we will lead you through our process to a winning product.

Sales Support
Competitive Pricing... we ensure that we can get you the price points you need. Label and Brochure Design... our Graphics Team provides cutting edge labels and brochures to keep your sale on track and your customer informed. Volume Tracking... we keep records of all our correspondence to ensure that if you need past information to re-evaluate strategy -we will have it -all part of our sales support.

Marketing Support
Let our professionals use their international experience to nail down a foolproof plan and watch your sales soar. We will provide you with the marketing tools to make sure your plan succeeds.  Label Design, Marketing Plans, Brochure design, we are there for you.

Pilot Batches
Implemented in our facility at a fraction of the cost of a full-size development run, this unique service allows for bench-scale batches to be made quickly, speeding time to market, while using very small amounts of material. The equipment used is completely scalable; meaning success in the lab will be duplicated in production.

Research and Development
We combine years of Research and Development experience at Biohealth Labs and have an impressive list of clients. We will work with you every step of the way to make your formula a success. Formulation, technical support, trouble shooting and testing services are all there for you.

NHP Licensing Services
Natural Health Product Licensing services represent the next level of certification required by Health Canada for products sold in Canada. Also, this certification is critical for supplement documentation to obtain an export license. These meticulous guidelines ensure that the product you are purchasing has met the strictest guidelines for quality, safety and efficacy. Let our professionals handle your applications to ensure a smooth registration process.

Laboratory Services
Laboratory ServicesOur mission is to provide a one-stop laboratory capable of meeting all your testing needs, in a reliable and economical manner. We have the expertise and dedication to meet your needs and challenges. All testing and analysis is conducted according to official methods using state of the art equipment. Our highly trained team of scientists provide the critical mass needed to generate a dynamic service to satisfy the needs of you, our customers.

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What we offer

Our Business Company is a privately owned Canadian business providing for the health care needs of our clients with a worldwide network of customers.

We offer easy access to both concise and extensive company information. With simple ordering procedures and competitive prices, we support your business decisions.  Volume discounts are available.


We are continually striving to add to our services.


There are always requests for information you cannot readily find, we can undertake all research for you. We are well connected and know how to satisfy a client.


View the list of our services and you'll by all means find out a lot of useful services for your business, it will be our pleasure to help you.


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