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A recent study by Health Canada shows that 71% of Canadians regularly take vitamins and minerals, herbal products, homeopathic medicines and the like - - products that have come to be known as natural health products (NHPs). 

policyHealth Canada's Role

Within Canada, the Natural Health Products Regulations require companies to obtain a product licence before they can sell a natural health product in Canada. This ensures that all Canadians have ready access to natural health products that are safe, effective and of high quality, while respecting freedom of choice and philosophical and cultural diversity.

What are Natural Health Products?
Under the Natural Health Products Regulations natural health products (NHPs) are defined as:
     • vitamins and minerals
     • herbal remedies
     • homeopathic medicines
     • traditional medicines such as traditional Chinese medicines
     • probiotics, and
     • other products like amino acids and essential fatty acids 
Natural health products (NHPs) must be safe for consideration as over-the-counter products and not require a prescription to be sold.
To obtain a product licence, companies must submit a product licence application to the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD). The application must include sufficient data to allow the Natural Health Products Directorate to assess the safety, quality and efficacy of the natural health product when used under its recommended conditions of use.
Biohealth Labs is proud to hold Health Canada Product Licence Numbers for its products.

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